YOU HAVE GREATNESS IN YOU! (Sylvester Stallone / Rocky Balboa) | Millionaire Motivational Video

There is greatness within you!
Classic speech by Sylvester Stallone / Rocky Balboa and Les Brown.
This is a millionaire motivational video for all progressing for a better life.
Never give up on your vision and stay persistent. It will pay off!

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Are you being the most powerful version of yourself?

If you had to pause to think about it, the answer is probably no.

Everybody has different facets of their personality, and we act on them based on the context we’re in. It’s a social adaptation tool: you are not the same person with your friends as you are with your parents. Moving through these easily is a sign of high psychological function.
We are acquainted with the versions of ourselves that are current life requires. We know who we need to be at work, at home, or in love. But we are often unfamiliar with the person we need to be in order to move our lives forward.

There’s a popular therapeutic method called “inner child work.” In this process, you visualize and address your younger selves, often down to a specific age, depending on which version of you was traumatized. You communicate with that inner child self, learn from them, protect them, or give them the guidance that they needed when they were young.

This proves to be profoundly healing for people, mostly because we do not evolve past our former selves, we simply grow upon them.

However, this practice can work the opposite way as well. You can also visualize and connect with your future selves—the version of you that you are growing into, or the traits that you may have pushed toward the sidelines of your mind.

What would my most powerful self do today?

The first step to becoming your most powerful self is to literally envision that person. Don’t take yourself out of your current context, either. Begin to ask yourself: What would the most powerful version of me do right now? What would they do with this day? How would they respond to this challenge? How would they move forward? How would they think? What would they feel?
Your most powerful self needs to be the CEO of your life. It is the person making managerial decisions, governing everything else. This is the editor-in-chief, the matriarch or patriarch. You are working for your most powerful self.

Once you have a clearer image of what your most powerful self is like, you then need to evaluate what habits, traits and behaviors are actively holding you back from fully embodying that person.

Be aware of your weaknesses.

Powerful people are not delusional. They do not believe they are perfect, all the time, at everything. This is not what makes them mentally strong. Instead, powerful people are very aware of their varying strengths and weaknesses.

In business, powerful people will often outsource the tasks that they are not as skilled at. In life, powerful people know where their limits are, and what their triggers might be. This allows them to move through their lives with more ease, and to give themselves the time and space needed to work on their faults.

The ability to say to yourself: “I know I struggle a lot with this, so I’m going to take my time and work on it” is one of the most powerful things you can do.

Be willing to be disliked.

Powerful people are not the ones who are most universally liked.
They are also not the ones vying for others’ approval, and that’s the key.

To be a truly powerful person, you must be willing to be disliked. This is not to say that you behave in any way that’s malicious, but it is to say that no matter what you do, others are going to judge you. Powerful people know this. There is no path in life that you can take that will be free of resistance from others, and so it is important that you not only become okay with being disliked, but you anticipate it, and act anyways.


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