Why Even Your Failures Are Just Opportunities to Learn | Marie Forleo on Impact Theory

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Marie Forleo, author of “Everything is Figure-Outable”, is on a mission to help you succeed in life and in business. And that means showing everyone how to challenge their most deeply-held beliefs, and how to approach every situation as a learning opportunity. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Marie Forleo explains the relationship between action and clarity, how to tell the difference between fear and intuition, and why you always have to start before you’re ready.


What does it mean to say everything is figure-outable? [2:13] Marie describes why it was so important for her to write her book [9:21] Marie advocates that every single person has immense personal power [10:45] Marie describes watching her parents divorce over money [13:05] Marie explains how to change deeply-held beliefs [16:46] Marie and Tom discuss the only belief that matters [20:48] Marie and Tom discuss what changed their beliefs about everything being figure-outable [24:00] Marie explains how to face a hard truth when it comes from an enemy [26:31] Marie describes how she uses negative emotions as fuel [29:51] Marie explains why you have to start before you’re ready [31:57] Marie explains the quote “failure is just an event, not a characteristic” [35:19] Marie describes her relationship to fear [37:44] Marie explains how to understand the difference between fear and intuition [40:41] Marie describes the dangers of groupthink in self-development circles [44:00] Marie details how to listen to your own body and intuition [45:32] Marie explains that clarity comes from action and engagement, not thought [47:00] Marie picks her favorite quote from her book [50:20] Marie shares the impact she hopes her book has [52:42]

“Try it before you deny it.” [11:45] “Beliefs are a choice and every choice can be changed.” [17:49] “Starting before you’re ready is one of the greatest secrets to kick your butt out of procrastination and into a world of growth.” [35:00] “I win or I learn, but I never lose.” [36:03]

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