Why Elon Musk says We`re Living in a Simulation – “Numbers are the within of all things” The Matrix

Our Creator is a Cosmic Computer Programmer?
In 2003 Oxford University, Professor Nick Bostrom published, Are You Living, In A Simulation an argument stating there’s a high likelihood, that we’re all pieces of code created in a computer simulation. Strom’s theory isn’t the first, that humans live on a hard drive somewhere on a great cosmic computer. But it did popularize the idea by putting it in a way, that appeals to scientists. Physicists are particularly drawn to the theory, and they continue to discuss it nearly 15 years later.

I know there will be skeptics about this theory, but with these premises, you just might find yourself believing what I`m about to tell you. That we might be living, inside of a simulated computer. A computer-generated reality.


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