The Hard Work of being Lazy

We live in a culture that hugely values activity and ‘hard work’. But – paradoxically – the hardest work we can sometimes do is to stop rushing around and, for once, sit with our thoughts, analyse our feelings, take stock of where we are and understand ourselves better. From the outside, it might look as though we’re being lazy. But we’re in fact doing the hard work of processing our emotions, in a way that can be hugely helpful to our mental well-being and, in its way, remarkably difficult.
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“At times, perhaps without quite knowing why, we slip into a resolutely ‘lazy’ mood. We’re simply not able to write anything new or can’t face setting up more meetings. We don’t want to clean the fridge or go out to befriend prospective clients. All we have an appetite for, it seems, is to loll on the sofa and maybe dip randomly into a book, wander down to the shops and buy a packet of biscuits or spend an hour or so soaking in the bath. We might, at an extreme, merely want to sit by the window and stare at the clouds. For a long time.”


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