The Biggest Way to Build Your Confidence | How To Be Confident In Any Situation | Terri Savelle Foy

The biggest way to build your confidence that nobody talks about…
Have you ever made a committment and didn’t follow through?

Been there… My hand is raised ?‍♀️

Well, I was listening to an interview with fitness experts Chris & Heidi Powell recently and look at this statement Chris made:

“When I see someone who is 200 lbs. overweight I don’t see 200 lbs. of extra body fat; I see 200 lbs. of broken promises to themselves.”

Heidi said, “When you try and fail and try and fail and you don’t keep your promises, you don’t believe yourself. You don’t believe you can do it.”

When you make a promise and break it, it affects your dignity.

Set another promise, break it, your dignity takes another hit.

You gradually lose your belief in yourself. And you end up with no confidence, low self esteem, insecure and a poor self image… and this could be in any area of life, not just weight loss.

So, how do you break that pattern?

You reverse the process!

Watch this week’s podcast video and I’ll walk you through the steps to build up your confidence and break the cycle.

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