The 1st Step to Success | I Learned This From Multi-Millionaires | Terri Savelle Foy

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I recently spoke at a conference where I passed out crayons to the entire audience to teach them a vital step to success…

Yes! I asked them to “Pick up the crayon, close your eyes, hold it to your nose and smell it.”
Then I asked, “What does the smell of a brand new, fresh-out-of-the-box Crayola Crayon make you think of?”
Your childhood!
No cares. No worries. No bills. No goals you must achieve. Just care free.

Well, today I want to teach you the first step to success by taking you back to your childhood and playing a game called, “Let’s Pretend.”
I’ll explain everything in this weeks podcast.

I want to give you the entire 7 step checklist for success that I’ve practiced in my life and learned from the most successful people in the world. This FREE Download that you can access today will become your “go to” list to keep you on track to your dreams.
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