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Tai Lopez is living proof that the rich and famous entrepreneurial lifestyle is possible for the Millennial generation. Over the course of his career, he’s founded, invested in, advised, or mentored more than 20 multi-million dollar companies, and his book club and podcast reaches 1.4 million people across40 countries. But don’t be blinded by the glitz and glam of his current lifestyle. In the beginning, Tai was a college dropout living on his mother’s couch. With only $47 in his bank account, and an insatiable desire to learn, he sought out mentorship to take him to the next level. Continually optimizing his life for adventure, he sheared sheep in New Zealand, lived with the Amish, worked in a leper colony in India, and helped pioneer grass-fed sustainable agriculture. Meet the new media mogul, social media pioneer and serial entrepreneur in this insightful episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.

Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of 2014 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition — a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion — and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. Impact Theory is a first-of-its-kind company designed to facilitate global change through the incubation of mission-based businesses and the cultivation of empowering content. Every piece of content Impact Theory creates is meant to underscore the company mission to free people from The Matrix and help them unlock their true potential. Impact Theory exists to inspire the next generation of game-changing companies and creators that will make a true and lasting impact on the world.


1.“Money doesn’t bring happiness, but the absence of money brings unhappiness.”[8:23] 2.“The day that you admit you’re lost is the day you allow yourself to be found by people who can give you a tip.” [18:33] 3.“Get their best and forget the rest.” [21:14] 4.“Everybody doesn’t win. And the sooner you wake up to that…then you get a little fear in you.And when you get a little fear in you, you start listening.” [36:17] 5.“Let a little fear come in and drive you and motivate you.” [36:32] 6.“Be around people who make you uncomfortable at the ego level.”[38:22] 7.“Don’t confuse vision and goals.” [51:31] 8.“Win when you can, even if it’s small wins. [It’s]better for the brain.”[51:46]

Tai walks through why he chose to live with the Amish and how he optimizes his life for adventure. [3:23] Tai explains the notion of the four pillars of happiness and his definition of the good life. [7:33] Tai talks about postponing pleasure for the future.[10:11] Tom and Tai go deep into the four layers of conscientiousness. [12:39] Tai offers practical steps on how to find your true north. [18:04] Tai gives advice on dealing with haters and how you can learn from anybody. [22:23] Tom and Tai discuss how pain builds discipline and how trauma helps you learn. [29:51] Tai reveals the symptoms of narcissism.[35:00] Tom and Tai discuss the importance of learning.[40:02] Tai emphasizes the power of in-person networking and attending conferences. [45:33] Tai spells out how dopamine drives us and the problem of being too ambitious.[48:27] Tai defines the impact that he wants to have on the world. [52:52]


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