Of Course You’ve Messed Up

This is a film for those moments when we (again) hit rock bottom, when we’re back in that old familiar place where nothing feels right, we hate ourselves and the future looks bleak. It’s so easy to be sad – but maybe there could be another option? Maybe we could learn to make friends with despair and move beyond it…
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“Maybe you’ve crashed again – and you’re in the dark familiar place. As ever, one mess-up reminds you of all the fiascos you’ve generated in the past and, more broadly, of your fundamental idiocy and – beyond that – the doubtful nature of your entire existence.
The next steps from here are well known: retreat, despair, flagellation, feeling yet smaller, ever greater doubt and deeper self-loathing. You have mined this cavern expertly over the years. Maybe – before this latest mini catastrophe – you’d been feeling a bit stronger, you’d come to expect a little more of life. As if! This is a return to reality; you are back now where you assume you belong, the sad subterranean place from which you should have never have sought to escape…”


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