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In I Am Jackie Chan, Chan tells the fascinating, harrowing, ultimately triumphant story of his life: How the rebellious son of refugees in tumultuous 1950s Hong Kong became the disciplined disciple of a Chinese Opera Master. How the “paradise” that young Jackie so eagerly embraced proved to be, in reality, a ruthlessly competitive place whose fierce master wielded the legal authority to train his students even to death. How the dying art of Chinese opera led Jackie to the movie business–and how he made the leap from stuntman to superstar. How he broke into the Hollywood big time by breaking almost every bone in his body.
Finally, after years of plunging off skyscrapers and living to tell the tale, Jackie Chan proves–with this witty, poignant, and often astonishing memoir–that it’s always been a tale well worth telling.
Jackie has written this book with Jeff Yang, the founder of A Magazine and the author of Eastern Standard: A Guide To Asian Influence in American Culture.
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