Burnt Out


Burnt out? Wondering if you should change jobs or are just ungrateful for what you have?

You’re not alone.

In this video you’ll learn 4 key questions you can ask yourself immediately to see whether or not you are burnt out and you need to adjust some things in your business and life, or if it’s time to change jobs completely.

#1: I’ll walk you through what I call the “law test” where you’ll imagine that a law was recently passed stating that you would need to stop doing what you are doing immediately and close your business. Would you fight the law? Your honest answer to this question will tell you a lot.
#2: Assess how much time you have taken off in the last 6 months. If you’ve been working too hard without a break you might just need to step away for a bit to re-ignite the passion in your business.
#3: Ask yourself, are there clients or projects that you absolutely dread and that fall outside of your genius zone? By getting rid of them you could possibly get excited about the other things in your business that you actually do love.
#4: Determine if you are using your strengths at work the majority of the time. If you’re not, you’re likely feeling dissatisfied which leads to feeling burnt out.

After taking this 4 step burnout test you should start to see patterns and answers that will help you determine if you really are burnt out or if it’s time to change jobs once and for all.

Marcus Buckingham on Oprah- www.oprah.com/money/Marcus-Buckinghams-Career-Intervention

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