5 Success Books You Must Read If You’re Serious About Being Successful | Terri Savelle Foy

These 5 books truly changed my mindset, my opportunities, my skills and my knowledge.

Do you want to enjoy an above average life? Would you like to have wisdom that will cause you to stand out when opportunities appear?

In today’s video you’re going to learn about:
How to ASK for what you want
How to grow your influence
Foundational principles to help you succeed in EVERY area of life

I know I’ve brought up the habit of reading a lot throughout February, but it’s because I want you equipped with the knowledge necessary to live your dreams. And one of the best ways I know how to do that is through books.

A book is like sitting down with one of your mentors for 5 hours and having them pour knowledge into you!

If you want the rest of 2020 to be different than 2019, I think these books will really help you.

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